Written Assignment: Constructing A Table

In this assignment, you will construct a table and insert it into your existing paper. Tables can be used for a variety of purposes, with the goal of helping your readers better understand the information in your paper. 

Review the paper that you have been working on in this course and think about what information could be conveyed in a table.  For example, if your paper contains several recommendations or proposed solutions to a problem, the table could display the benefits and drawbacks of each of these recommendations. You may also choose to display data from another source (e.g., census data, budget, timeline of events) in a table, as long as it supports your existing paper. If you choose to use data from another source, you must create the table yourself and properly cite the information source.

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Written Assignment: Constructing A Table
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If you are having a difficult time thinking of how the information in your paper can be displayed as a table, create a table that either outlines how the paper is structured -OR- lists the sources used in the paper, including key information about the sources.

Remember that you must insert a table–not a chart, graph, or other figure. Your table should:

  • Contain at least three columns and at least three rows
  • Include a brief, descriptive title
  • Include a label/heading for each row and column
  • Use appropriate margins, spacing, font size, and orientation

Think carefully about where to place the table in your paper. The table should serve a clear purpose and be integrated in a way that makes sense to the reader. You may insert the table into the body of your paper, or you may insert it into an appendix, which is a section that appears at the very end of your paper. The use of appendices allows you to convey detailed information or supporting evidence to the reader without distracting from the flow of the main body of the paper. No matter where you choose to place the table, refer to it at least once in the body of your paper, so readers know why to view it and where to locate it.


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