World War 2

Parker, Second World War Ch. 5, “The United States Enters the War,” pages 72–85
Bess, Choices Under Fire Ch. 2, “Causes of the Pacific War,” pages 42–57
Review the following public addresses delivered by FDR in the years leading up to American involvement in World War II. Transcripts and audio are available.
Fireside Chat 15: On National Defense (May 26, 1940):
Fireside Chat 16: On the “Arsenal of Democracy” (Dec. 29, 1940):
State of the Union: Four Freedoms (Jan. 6, 1941):
How did FDR prepare the United States for eventual entry into World War II? What were the attitudes prevalent in the country at the time? How did he and his administration view and respond to the evolving world crisis? What were the major obstacles they had to overcome? What measures did he take to prepare the country, both militarily and morally? How did he explain the crisis to the American people? You are expected to pull heavily from the three public addresses listed in the required listening/reading section. 
Essay should be of 6 pages.

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World War 2
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