World Series (baseball)

Please use the info from MLB’s World Series from 2021. You will be doing a SWOT analysis for this assignment, please see the attachment.Marketing & Fan EngagementMarketing Mix Analysis (Grade based on completeness of activity)In a minimum of 300 words answer the following questions regarding the marketing mix in your own words, using full sentences:  First, choose a large-scale sporting event of your choice and name it. Then, complete a SWOT analysis (Strengths and weaknesses are internal for our org, meaning “What are we good at? What are we bad at?” Opportunities and threats are external for our org, meaning “What’s going on outside of our good that might help us succeed? What’s going on outside of our org that might impede or prevent progress?”). Explain who the target market(s) of your event is (i.e., what group of people are going to consumer the most of your product/event?). Examine and explain the four (4) Ps of your event:Product: Describe the product.Price: Examine ticket prices.Place (Distribution): Examine distribution of tickets, in other words, examine the outlets where tickets are sold and how fans can get access. Promotions: Examine PR tactics, sponsorship deals, endorsements, advertising, social media, etc. How do we convince people to consume our product?Did the organization of your choice do a good job of offering the right product, at the right price, in the right place, and with the right promotion? Why or why not? Outline two suggestions for improving sales other than lowering ticket prices 

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World Series (baseball)
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