World Religions Report

Using three religions, discuss and analyze post-modern developments in each one. Each of the three religions you will write on should be based on one of the different myths we studied this semester, i.e., nature, history, liberation, and harmony. Choose one religion from each type of myth for a total of three. For example, you can choose Christianity (myth of history), Hinduism (myth of liberation), and Daoism (myth of harmony), but you cannot choose Christianity (history), Islam (history), and Hinduism (liberation), since Christianity and Islam are based on the same myth.At the end of the essay, in the conclusion, answer the following questions:Are these developments beneficial for the religions you chose? How are post-modern developments benefiting humanity in general? Do you consider the changes progressive or regressive? Why? In what ways do these religions reinterpret or make accommodations compared to the pre-modern state of affairs? What is your personal attitude to the post-modern developments in each of the three religions?You must cite the textbook explicitly in your answers.Your overall submission should be at least 250 words and should use the textbook (please cite the textbook explicitly). Please do not plagiarize. The presence of plagiarized materials will result in a zero on the entire final exam. Please message me for details for the textbook.

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World Religions Report
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