World History

There are two parts of this assignment. 
Firstly, create a Q.A.Q. post (about 400 words) using this week’s readings. This means your post should include:
1) a Quote from one of this week’s readings that represents or describes the central arguments or focus of this week.
2) an Argument demonstrating how this quote represents this week’s material as a whole. In this argument, you must provide a brief (one full paragraph) synopsis of the focus of that week’s material and its main points, justify the quotation selection, and make a case for why it embodies the primary message of the material covered for that week. A reader who reads the argument section of the QAQ post should get a clear idea of the material we covered that week. This must focus on the academic content of the readings, rather than a personal reaction or reflection.
3) a Question that you want to pose to the rest of the class. 
Secondly, respond to one of your classmate’s question that they asked in their post. (One classmate’s post is below. Please respond to it in 200 words.)

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