World civilization Discussion / Questions

source for both assignments 
CrashCourse. (2012, October 11). World War II: Crash course world history #38 [Video file]. Retrieved from

Crash Course Video: World War II

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World civilization Discussion / Questions
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Besides Germany invading Poland in 1939, what are some other events that could potentially be the start of WWII?
What year did Hitler come to power?
What was Blitzkrieg?
Where did the Desert Campaign take place?
What did the Nazis break when they invaded Russia?
What did the Japanese do in 1941?
What battle essentially ruined the chances of Japan winning the war?
Why were the Germans not successful in the Battle of Stalingrad?
How did Mussolini die? How did Hitler die?
When did the Germans surrender to the Allies?
How many Jews were killed by the Nazis?
What does John Green suggest is the reason that both the Germans and the Japanese sought to expand their territories?
Explain why WWII was so important. What did it tell us about people and the world?

Discussion Forum 250 words 

In what ways did WWI and its aftermath contribute to the start of WWII, and what were the main differences in the ways that the wars were fought?


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