Women history research essey

Click here for all details, including how your essey will be graded and the list of people in women’s history to choose from. 
PDF of Women in History Research Essaey Assignment
Due Dates for This Assignment:

Annotated Bibliography due Sunday, October 17 by 11:59 pm (60 points/6%).
Optional Extra Credit First Draft due Sunday, November 28th by 11:59 pm (20 points).
Final Draft of Research Essey due Sunday, December 5 by 11:59 pm (150 points/15%)

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Women history research essey
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And here’s another reminder! Your essey will not receive credit unless you used scholarly sources exclusively. To better understand what a scholarly source is, watch this video. You can also email me or talk to me in office hours. I’m more than happy to let you know whether or not sources you found are scholarly if you’re having trouble.
Your essey should have a thesis statement in the introductory paragraph. Watch this weird video I made about thesis statements! If you’re not sure if your thesis statement is strong enough, please talk to me in office hours.

Read this model outline to help you figure out the structure of your essey: 
Sample Essey Outline (click!)


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