Wk 5 – Software Testing Plan

Assignment Content

  1. Resource:
    • Software Testing Plan” document
    • Continue your work using the scenario presented in Week One. 

      The Director of Software Engineering would like to have you create a new Software Testing Plan.
      Using the Software Testing Plan document provided, develop a 3- to 4-page software testing plan. The plan will include the following:

    • Design and Develop: Software testing goals, assumptions, and deliverables:
    • Testing Goal
    • Test Assumptions
    • Quality Attributes
    • Schedule in the Life Cycle
    • Required Artifacts
    • Test: Data: generation and automation tools:
    • Test Data Generation Methods
    • Test Automation
    • Acceptance Test
    • Deploy: Versioning, maintenance, and environment:
    • Version Control
    • Maintenance Plan
    • Testing Environment   
    • Cite all sources using APA guidelines.

      Submit your assignment.


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