Wk 1, MHA 508: DQ

Read “Medical Professionalism: What the Study of Literature Can Contribute to the Conversation” from Philosophy, Ethics & Humanities in Medicine located in the Week 1 readings.
Although this article primarily explores the use of literature in medical professional education, the same principles apply to students learning about professional, ethical leadership in health care. As you read the article, contemplate how literature can help you develop your own brand of ethical leadership within the health care regulatory environment. 
Due Thursday 
Write a 175- to 265-word response to the following: 

Review Fig.1 on p. 6 of the “Medical Professionalism” article. Select two to three outcomes that are important to you (or that you want to achieve in your professional career) and explain what you are doing (or are going to do) to develop those abilities. 
Research and identify 2 to 3 books or articles you believe health care administration professionals should read to help improve their approach to health care oversight. Include and reference the books or articles to help answer why.

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Wk 1, MHA 508: DQ
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Shapiro, J., Nixon, L. L., Wear, S. E., & Doukas, D. J. (2015). Medical professionalism: what the study of literature can contribute to the conversation. Philosophy, Ethics & Humanities In Medicine, 10(1), 10-17.


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