Wilson’s Disease

Your goal for this assignment is to explore the genetic basis of a specific health condition and to write a scholarly paper on this topic. We also hope you will be able to improve your writing skills. Please keep in mind, we want you to identify a health condition to explore that you see in clinical practice or that is of interest to you. This will make the paper more relevant to both current and future clinical practice. References used for this paper need to be scholarly resources and must include one primary research article.One primary research article to be used in your paper (systematic reviews, OMIM, GeneReviews, and GHR are secondary and NOT primary sources); we recommend you use resources available through PubMed CINHAL. 1. One secondary article from OMIM, GeneReviews, or GHR. 2. One secondary article you have identified as relevant to the topic, such as a systematic review, national organization’s website, or other scholarly source. **Please note that these sources need to be relevant to the condition you will describe, as well as to the genetics of the condition. You may use additional reputable sources, but this is the minimum. As you are exploring possible topics, remember that your goal for this assignment is to explore the genetic basis of a specific health problem or disease. The first draft will include the first section of the paper, which is the genetics of the condition selected. You will discuss the mode of inheritance, causative and/or susceptibility genes, and clinical features. It is required that you use APA and references in your drafts. It will also be graded on the required content presented, writing style, and APA formatting.

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Wilson’s Disease
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