Why I am a Criminal

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The  following  assignment  requires  you  to  answer  the following question: Why I Am or Why Am Not a Criminal 
To  answer  this  question,  students  must  utilize  information  provided  in  class lectures  and  course  reading  and  combine  it  with  your  own  personal  experiences.  Be sure to give a clear definition of the terms you use such as “crime”.  Perhaps you have committed a “crime” but do not consider  yourself  a  “criminal”.    Explain  your  reasoning  and  the  distinctions  you  make.   Be sure to cite relevant sources, although all that is necessary as a resource is the course text.  The research from the textbook should be your most important focus in this paper.   Show  me  you  have  a  comprehensive  understanding  of  the  material  and  have  been reflective  about  your  experiences,  don’t  just  tell  stories.  Be  sure  keep  your  discussion limited only to include personal information related to the topic at hand.  All assignments and information provided within are guaranteed to be kept confidential.

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Why I am a Criminal
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