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 This final paper requires a comparative analysis of multiple hospital or health systems and their
applicability as it relates to various issues encountered by the healthcare administrator. Analysis
and recommendations will be framed from a Biblical worldview perspective. The papers will be
evaluated using the Issues Analysis Paper rubric (Appendix A).

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Who is able to complete this assignment?
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Prepare the Final Paper using the following guidelines:   
 3,500 – 4,000 words  
 APA-compliant formatting, including title and reference pages
 Minimum of eight scholarly references  
Prompt: The MHA 608 course has focused on the development of healthcare administrators who are poised to deal with not only current issues in the healthcare arena, but also to develop visionary leaders who can handle future issues in healthcare administration. This final paper requires a comparative analysis of multiple hospital or health systems in their applicability as it relates to various issues encountered by the healthcare administrator.
Access the following website: WhyNotTheBest.org. This site was created and is maintained by The Commonwealth Fund, which is a private foundation focused on development of high performance health systems. It is a free resource for health care professionals interested in tracking performance on various measures of health care quality. It is used by organizations to compare their performance against peers and competitors on a range of benchmarks over various periods of time. The link for the site is: (http://www.whynotthebest.org/ (Links to an external site.))
Select a minimum of 3 hospitals (from the left menu box – “Compare Hospitals”) in your home state and at 3 hospitals in least 2-3 other states in order to make comparisons. It is recommended that your choice of the other 2-3 states be states that have similar characteristics (i.e. demographics or population) as your home state. Your selections are not required to be neighboring states.
Once the list appears based on your selected state (under the matching hospitals menu), click on the arrow icon next to the hospital to add them to the box on the right (“add to report”). Do not leave this page until all of your hospitals and states have been selected. Your choices will not be saved. Look back to the left menu box and select your next state and hospitals until all of your choices have been selected.
Once all selections have been made, click on “View Report.” You must click on the site terms of agreement in order to proceed. You will also need to give your report a name. Any name will suffice. Click on “View Report” again. You may get a popup menu that asks again for the agreement to the terms of use. Please read this information. It also illustrates how to cite your report. You will need this citation information for the reference page of your report.
Your report will be displayed. Click on the “change category” link in order to produce reports on the following characteristics.

Patient Experience
Mortality Rates
Readmission Rates
Health Information Technology

It is recommended that you print the chart reports from each category. If you desire, you can create a free account to save your reports. However, if you do not create the account before you do the report, you will lose your report. It may be more feasible just to print out your reports.



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