What is Gang Violence?

So, there are a few things about this task:

Keeping in mind that this bibliography is what is included with a research paper. In other words, the pages of your bibliography would be the final pages of your entire research paper assignment.
The “bibliography” part is what contains all of the sources you have used to write your research paper.  The sources should reflect what your focused research topic is. For example, a topic of “police reform” is way too broad, general, and so you would have to narrow it down to something more manageable for an 8-10 page paper (which is the length requirement for the research paper in EWRT 2).  So, a more narrowed topic would be police reform that looks at disciplining officers who break the law, or another narrow topic could be removing qualified immunity for police officers.  Those two examples are narrow enough and would work for an 8-10 page paper.
For an 8-10 page research paper, you should have at least 8-10 sources. One of your sources can be The New Jim Crow.  Again, the version you are posting below this week is a rough draft version, so you should have 4-5 sources.
Your initial post below should be as close as possible to the correct format. This means that your bibliography must be in MLA format.  If you have forgotten what that looks like, review past modulesLearning MLA formatting is one of the key skills required for this class. This also means that your bibliography should be in alphabetical order.  I know that the hanging indent might be difficult to format here, and that is okay.  In your final version of your research paper (due next week–officially. Remember what we talked about last week about due dates), you will be expected to have this done correctly.  
On the line above your bibliography, like a title, you need to share your focused topic.  The format should look like this:

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What is Gang Violence?
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Topic: Removing qualified immunity so that bad police officers can be prosecuted for their crimes.


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