What Can You Do With Managerial Accounting

1-1 Discussion: What Can You Do With Managerial Accounting? In this discussion, you will consider the relevance of managerial accounting in different professional roles. Briefly research career opportunities that require knowledge or experience with managerial accounting. You can do so by following these steps:Navigate to the SNHU Career module in this course and click the SNHU Career link.Once on the webpage, choose the “Explore Career Options” to browse career areas.After exploring careers, choose the Handshake link from the related resources to view current job postings.Do you have a field or career you are interested in pursuing? Look for job roles or descriptions in that field, and consider how managerial accounting principles and skills can be applied to them.In your initial post, introduce yourself, and then address the following:Describe at least two potential positions related to managerial accounting that you personally found to be interesting, and explain why they were noteworthy to you. Include a link to the job posting or job description.Compare these positions and job descriptions to those that require a background in financial accounting. Are they similar or different?In your responses to two peers, compare and contrast the career opportunities they found with your own selections. Consider the following questions to help guide your response:Was what your peers found interesting or noteworthy similar to or different from what you highlighted in your initial post?Do you agree with their comparison of jobs that require a background in managerial accounting versus those that require a background in financial accounting?To complete this assignment, review the Discussion Rubric.

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What Can You Do With Managerial Accounting
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