What are the problems with genre categorizations

1. What are the problems with genre categorizations? Is genre useful? How so? Or is it too problematic and reductive, simplifying the wide diversity that makes up cinema? Can we think of films without thinking about genre?2. What should be included in the Black Cinema, and why? What are potential problems with calling certain films Black Cinema films?3.Can a film about the black American experience made by a white director be considered Black Cinema? For instance, what are the issues that surround a black filmmaker making a Hollywood film? Or, an African immigrant that makes a film based on her experience? A film made by a black filmmaker that perpetuates racist stereotypes against blacks? Perhaps the term “Black Cinema” is in itself too limiting?Each answer should be at least 6 sentences long and for one of the answers can you use a quote from the book I included please. Cinema Studies The Key Concepts by Susan Hayward. Thank you. I know its a lot of information so I will add an additional tip for the work.

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What are the problems with genre categorizations
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