weekly reflection

This is a point for us to check in about the previous week and make sure that you’re set up or success in the coming week. You can write this reflection informally–I’m more interested in hearing your thoughts than in assessing your writing for structure and conventions here. It’s a chance for you to update me and let me know what you’re thinking and how you’re doing.
Submit a short reflection to this assignment in which you write about your experience this week in our course. In this reflection, try to think about the things you did this week and learned this week that were helpful to you.
In your reflection, you can include details about

how you managed your time throughout the week, or what you learned about your time management
what you learned about your writing habits
something interesting you learned about a topic or issue
any question or concerns you have at this point.

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weekly reflection
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Keep in mind that participation in this online course includes the thoughtful completion of work for the week, working with other students in the weekly discussion boards, active reading and writing, interacting with me (via email, messages, Zoom, and/or course announcements), and reaching out to me with any questions or concerns that you may have.
Graded as complete/incomplete out of a possible 5 points. All activities count towards the total Activities grade for the course.


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