Week 9

Please complete after reading Report Brief (2011) LGBTQ Health. (https://www.nap.edu/resource/13128/LGBT-Health-2011-Report-Brief.pdf)
Write 2 – 3 sentences to answer each question using appropriate grammar, spelling and punctuation. Questions are also available on this worksheet.

What are some of the consequences of having incomplete health data about population?
The reading suggests adding questions about sexual and gender minority identification on large surveys. What are some potential problems that could arise from this tactic? (Hint: Think about issues that arose with the race and ethnicity question on the census)
We have discussed chronic stress in terms of job control, socioeconomic status and income. What is the minority stress model? What are some ways that being a sexual or gender minority can impact chronic stress?
Both women and sexual minorities are underrepresented in biomedical research. What happens when certain identities are left out of research? How does that impact the health of those communities?

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