Week 8 Writing

For your Signature Assignment, you will prepare a research paper. The research paper will begin with the introduction you prepared in Week 5. Your research paper must also include at least six references gathered in the current course.

Keep these details in mind as you write your research paper:

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Week 8 Writing
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Your introduction is a logical argument for the importance of the topic you plan to investigate. Include a clear thesis that tells the reader how the paper will address the issues that were outlined. 


The body of the paper will use the outline of headings and subheadings you developed in Week 7. If you consider a page for the introduction and a page for the conclusion, that leaves five to six pages of text to discuss the (three or more) different topics, leaving a page for the summary.


Include a summary section synthesizing the research in the context of key issues that arose from the discussion, using citations as needed. This should be about a page minimum.


Finish with a conclusion that summarizes the two or three points you want the reader to take away from the discussion, along with substantive suggestions for future inquiry or research.

The Signature Assignment will be graded not only on content, but also on writing skills with special focus on the skills learned in this course such as scholarly writing, coherent organization, APA form and style, and integrity in writing. It will also be graded on how well the paper is supported by appropriate credible scholarly research studies using appropriate APA style and formatting requirements. Note especially that a research paper is not merely an organized report that summarizes published material

Length: 8-10 pages, not including title or reference pages

References: Include a minimum of 8 scholarly resources 


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