week 8 project pharm


For this assignment, you are to complete a Pp addressing Addison’s Disease.
The Pp will be based on Addison’s Disease.
Your pp must include the following headings.
Heading – Title Page
Heading – Pathophysiology of Assigned Disease(Addison’s Disease)
Heading – Definitions of the Two Drug Classes for assigned disease
Heading – Discuss/select 4 Medications total (2 drugs from each drug class)
Heading – Pharmacokinetics, Pharmacodynamics, Safety/Monitoring, & Pregnancy/Lactation of the 4 Medications Discuss/selected
Heading – Contraindications of the 4 Medications Discuss/selected
Heading – Conclusions
Heading – References please use references in apa style no longer than 5 years old

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week 8 project pharm
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please use the powerpoint attached don’t change the theme just replace info with new info


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