Week 8 Assignments

Forum #1:
Conduct research on specific business strategies and evaluate the rationale behind a specific business strategy used by a business organization. Evaluate the business decision based upon your appraisal of industry conditions and the internal competitive position of the organization.

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Week 8 Assignments
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Assignment #1: Determine specific strategic growth strategies for your business venture based upon your analysis of what you might find your business facing in each of the four situational quadrants of the SWOT matrix. Justify your selections by evaluating the conditions and explaining the rationalization behind each growth strategy. Also, briefly include how you would implement your plan in each instance. Be sure to incorporate elements of what you’ve learned throughout the course.
1 SWOT Matrix
Minimum 4 pages
Minimum 2 scholarly sources

Forum #2: Hypothesize which government agency you would approach to get assistance with your technological innovation and why. Is there an agency, bureau, special interest group, lobby, or affinity organization that you might approach to help with your cause? Why would they be interested in helping you; what’s in it for them?   
Using the Wallace Sayre Model of Decision Making in Government from the Lesson, determine the government agencies you would approach and their “hot button” issues and concerns. How does your innovation help them solve these pressing issues? Can you pivot to redirect your efforts to assist the government and is it worth the trouble?

2 Responses

Assignment #2: Assess future developments in science and technology for your technological innovation. What current technology is available; e.g. computers, machinery, tools, etc. that utilize, incorporate, or otherwise directly involved adopting your technological innovation (consider NAICS of SIC codes, companies, and regulatory bodies)? Use the following adoption criteria to evaluate your technological innovation from the industry and government regulator’s; i.e. municipal, state, and federal agencies perspectives. Who wants your initiative to succeed, who doesn’t and why? You are to use primary and secondary data from credible academic, industry and regulatory sources.

Relative advantage

Minimum 5 pages
Minimum 2 scholarly sources
APA Format


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