Week 7 – Assignment: Reflect on Topic Research and Career Aspirations

This week, you will record a video reflecting on your capstone topic research and your future career plans. Specifically, your video must share a discussion of:

Future research needed to enhance knowledge of your capstone topic/issue
Your career goals and plans for applying what you’ve learned regarding your topic/issue as a practitioner in the future 

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Week 7 – Assignment: Reflect on Topic Research and Career Aspirations
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You will create your video presentation by using the Kaltura video capturing tool located in NCUOne. To access the video capturing tool, follow the tutorial located in the Weekly Resources.
Length: 3 to 5-minute video; separate reference page
References: Include a minimum of 2 scholarly resources.
The completed assignment should address all of the assignment requirements, exhibit evidence of concept knowledge, and demonstrate thoughtful consideration of the content presented in the course. The writing should integrate scholarly resources, reflect academic expectations and current APA standards, and adhere to Northcentral University’s Academic Integrity Policy.


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