Week 6 Sampling Distribution & Week 7 Hypothesis Testing Statistics Exercises

Week 6 Activity

Sampling Distribution

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Week 6 Sampling Distribution & Week 7 Hypothesis Testing Statistics Exercises
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A computer scanner can read a bar code on a package correctly 97% of the time. One company monitors the accuracy of the scanner by randomly sampling packages and verifying that each package has been correctly scanned. Random samples of size n = 25, 50, 100, and 200 have recently been taken with the following results.
Sample Size,   n 
Number Correctly   Scanned 
To complete this activity, use Excel to:

1. Calculate the sample proportion for each sample size. 
2.Calculate the single-proportion sampling error for each sample size. 
3.Calculate the probability of finding 198 correctly scanned packages, for a sample of size n=200. 
4.Submit your work Excel file.

Week 7 Activity 
The Lazer Company has a contract to produce a part for Boeing Corporation that must have an average diameter of 6 inches and a standard deviation of 0.10 inch. The Lazer Company has developed a process that will meet the specifications with respect to the standard deviation, but it is still trying to meet the mean specifications. A test run (considered a random sample) of parts was produced, and the company wishes to determine whether this latest process that produced the sample will produce parts meeting the requirement of an average diameter equal to 6 inches. 
Use Excel to:
1.Construct the appropriate null and alternative hypotheses with correct parameters. 
2.Develop the decision rule assuming that the sample size is 200 parts and the significance level is 0.01.
In a Word document:
3. Recommend what the Lazer Company should conclude if the sample mean diameter for the 200 parts is 6.03 inches.


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