Week 6 MOHA 510

1.)What actions and behaviors might a health leader perform to proactively and positively change organizational culture?  
2) After a lengthy debate on strategy (which was going nowhere) in the resent St. Nicholas senior team meeting, Susan Edwards, VP of planning, made the following point: “Colleagues, Michael Porter is the guru of strategy planning and visioning. He clearly states that no maintain a competitive advantage, an organization must either provide a cost benefit or differentiate their services- or possibly both. May I suggest that here at St. Nicholas, we are doing neither. We are the high-cost provider in the area, and while we do have some good quality indicators, we are not really providing any services that are unique.” 
As would be expected this comment started a verbal brawl.
  – Pondered careful this brief case example. Did Edwards do the right thing by introducing a discussion around the process of strategy and visioning?
– If she wanted to take a more data-driven approach concerning St. Nicholas’s cost and market-differentiation position, what might that have looked like? How might the outcome have differed.

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Week 6 MOHA 510
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