Week 5 Assigment

Identifying and utilizing quality developmentally appropriate resources and technology will enhance learning opportunities and increase retention of information for early childhood students. Educators must evaluate and select developmentally appropriate resources based on research and knowledge of student needs, capabilities, and interests. A knowledgeable educator will anticipate challenges and problems that may arise when implementing the resources and technology in the classroom and will proactively find solutions to avoid those challenges.
For this assignment, you will use the standards and objectives from Topic 3 to complete the “Instructional Design Topic 5: Integrating Resources and Technology” section of the “Instructional Design Unit” template. Select four developmentally appropriate resources, per grade band, that will support each objective. One of the resources should be technology-based. In 50-100 words per resource, provide the following:

A rationale for each selected resource
How it supports developmentally appropriate practice
Possible challenges that may arise with each resource, and strategies to overcome those challenges

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Week 5 Assigment
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In a 250-500 word summary, discuss the benefits of using technology to support learning in early childhood education classrooms. What are the drawbacks and how can you plan for these ahead of time?
Support your response with 2-3 scholarly resources.


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