Week 4 Discussion- Creativity, Innovation, and Invention

Week 4 Discussion: Creativity, Innovation, and Invention
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Week 4 Discussion
24 points
Learning Objectives
· Distinguish between creativity, innovation, and invention
· Describe and apply the five stages of creativity
· Outline the sequence of steps in developing an invention
Each week you will be asked to reflect and respond in a Discussion Board forum. Your contribution to the topic should be clear, complete, and accurate. This assignment also requires that you read the answers posted by your classmates and respond to at least one of those postings. You are required to meet the following guidelines.
· Develop a detailed response using APA format (in-text citation, reference list) and utilizing at least one credible resource. 
· Post your initial response by Friday, Nov 5th by 11:59pm
· Post feedback responding to a classmates post by Sunday, Nov 7th by 11:59pm
After completing the assigned readings (Chapter 4: Creativity, Innovation, and Invention ) answer the following discussion questions. 
1. List and discuss the five stages of creativity.
2. Why does the model for innovation stress that it does not end with problem solving?
3. Think of a product you or someone you know adopted early only to watch it fall into the diffusion chasm between early adopters and early majority adopters? What was that product, and why do you think it failed to make it across that gap?
To Do This Week:
1. Read Chapter 4: Creativity, Innovation, and Invention 
2. Complete Week 4 Discussion: Creativity, Innovation, and Invention 
Initial response should be at least 150 words for the discussion post and no less than 100 words for the classmate’s response.

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Week 4 Discussion- Creativity, Innovation, and Invention
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