week 4

 After read chapter 4, the business I would want is a partnership. I  think this would be the best fit so that way not all the decisions and  hands on work would be solely on me. I think sharing the ownership would  allow someone I trust dearly and respect to help in the process would  be great. I am a firm believer in two is always better then one. I think  if you have an idea or interest that you share with some else working  together would not only make the process smoother but you all would be  able to ping pong off of each other. Your partner might see somethings  different that would be for the better of the company then you do and  vice versa.  

After  reading chapter 4, the ideal form of business that I would personally  like to have is a sole proprietorship. I would like a sole  proprietorship because I enjoy working independently, and would find  enjoyment in having sole responsibility for my business. Some other plus  sides to having a sole proprietorship are, as the book states,  retention of all profits, pride of ownership, and ease of start-up and  closure. I think this is the best form of a business, and I would  succeed the most with this form. 

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week 4
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Two separate comments for these paragraphs.


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