week 2 discussion

his week, you will reflect on the feedback you received on your proposal from Week One. You will refine your research question from Week One and share how you have narrowed the scope of your research question based on your research so far as well as feedback from your instructor and peers. You will also identify your preliminary thesis statement. Skills:
This discussion board will help you practice the following skills:

Reflect on critical feedback provided by your instructor and peers
Develop an appropriate research question
Develop an answer to the research question, also known as a thesis
Consider how your role will shape your research question

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week 2 discussion
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The Bedford Researcher – pp. 49-53.

Answer the following questions.

First, post your original Research Question from your Week One Proposal.
What feedback did you receive on it from your instructor and others? What did you find helpful from this feedback?
Using your reading this week and the feedback you received, post a refined draft of your Research Question.
Why is this a better question? How is it argumentative? What different views are there on this topic? What stance are you likely to take?
What is your answer to your Research Question? Write a single sentence that fully answers it. This will be a revised draft of your thesis statement.
Next, conduct a search using Keiser’s e-Library databases. Post an APA citation to one source you located through Keiser’s e-Library.
Provide a summary of the source. For instance, what does it say? What are its findings? Why is it relevant in the field?
Provide an application of the source. How does this source help you answer your Research Question. Where specifically might you use this source in your actual paper?



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