week 2 assignment

For your week Two Cases/Questions Assignment, complete the following case from Chapter Five.Please submit your answers typed in a Word Document via the assignment link above by Sunday midnight. 

Workers at Amazon Are Not Feeling Motivated – Page 195
Read the Case Study entitled, “Workers at Amazon Are Not Feeling Motivated” on page 195. Then, follow the instructions at the end of the case by using the 3-Step Problem Solving approach.

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week 2 assignment
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I selected the most interesting and applicable questions and cases for the class.  Please be sure to back up your answers with facts from the textbook by including in-text citations and references on a reference page.Please include section headings for each of your answers. This is very important so that I understand which questions you are responding to.Please answer the questions completely. Remember, it is quality that counts, so be thorough yet to the point.Please upload answers in a Microsoft Word document via the link above. This assignment must be submitted by Sunday 11:59 PM Eastern Time.Case Assignment Grading Criteria:Thoroughly and substantively completed all assignment requirements:   60 Points Possible       References and citations to course material (citations in each section and references on Reference page):   20 Points Possible        Spelling/Grammar at college level:                                                           10 Points Possible        Quality/Content of APA format:                                                                 10 Points Possible        TOTAL:100 Points Possible 



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