Week 2 8o3

#2A: Respond to the Podcast, how does being genuine relate to the relationships you have at work, and why is it important for leaders to build strong relationships within their own organizations? While you’re writing this, weave in components of ethical considerations found in the article. Discuss why it is critical for leaders to self-reflect on their behaviors before they can lead others? (Attached podcast)
#2B: Reflect on your experience as a leader, either formal or informal. Which of the five areas of my lecture on the characteristics of leaders is your area of greatest strength, and which is your greatest weakness? What impact does that have on your leadership practice and potential?  (See below for characteristics listed in the lecture)
5 Characteristics of Leaders
• Self-reflective continual learners
• Visionary navigators
• Hard workers
• Authentic coalition builders
• Positive and ethical influencers of peers and colleague

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Week 2 8o3
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