Week 14: Group-Facilitated Discussion 1 – Group 5

Initial Post: Created by Facilitating Group
This is a student-led discussion.

Please review the Week 7 Get Started: Group-Facilitated Communication Board and Instructions for assignment guidelines for this discussion to ensure that you have met all the criteria.
The facilitating group should choose one member from their group who will be responsible for the initial post.
On Day 1 of this week, the chosen group member will create an initial post that is to include the group’s discussion prompts, resources, and the instructions for what your classmates are to do with the resources.
During this week, each member of your group is to participate in the facilitation of the discussion. This means making certain that everyone is engaged, questions from students are being answered, and the discussion is expanding.
It is the expectation that the facilitating group will address all initial peer response posts by Day 7.
Reply Posts: Non-Facilitating Students
If you are not a member of the facilitating group, you are to post a discussion prompt response according to the facilitating group’s instructions by Day 4. Your reply posts should include substantive reflection directed to the presenters.
You are also expected to respond to at least two other peer’s initial discussion prompt posts.
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Week 14: Group-Facilitated Discussion 1 – Group 5
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