Week 10 Module 11 Discussion Forum

This week I would like you to post any question (or questions) you have about ideas/issues/artists that are covering this week (in readings or lectures), being as clear as you can be with your questions. This may mean that you explain your question, and why you are posing the question, in a short (2-5 sentences) paragraph. Before you post, please read the posts of others so as to avoid repetition. Then, for your response post, please do your best to answer the question posed by one of the other students. I will chime in if needed to clarify, so don’t worry about getting your answer “wrong.” You are welcome to respond to multiple questions, and may “add on” to a response by another student.
Viedo to watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9vGAnpRfwp4

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Week 10 Module 11 Discussion Forum
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