week 1 power point project

The Interview: I am the best person for the job!
Imagine you have several years of experience in Information Technology and you are trying to break into the Information Security field. You applied for a position at a technology company that creates products in the health care sector called Wellness Technology, Inc. The position is for an “Information Security Manager”. You had a telephone interview with a hiring manager. The telephone interview went very well and you are onto the next step of the interview process. You have now been asked to create a PowerPoint presentation with audio narration. The PowerPoint presentation will be a pervasive one and will cover several items in an effort to show the technology company that you are the ideal candidate for the position. Your audience is a nontechnical stakeholder of the company and therefore jargon should not be used unless it is defined so that a nontechnical person can fully understand it. Your PowerPoint presentation with audio narration should include at least 8 slides covering the following:

Accurately describe the difference between Information Technology and Information Security along with at least one example.
Describe at least three key features of Information Security with at least one example for each.
Describe at least two technical controls that can be used to defend against outside threats including examples for each.
Describe at least two technical controls that can be used to defend against inside threats including examples for each.
Describe your plan for continuing your information security education as a way to demonstrate that you will keep up with the ever-changing landscape.
Explain why you are the best person for the job.

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week 1 power point project
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Submission Details:

Use Microsoft PowerPoint with a professional theme.
Presentation should include at least eight slides.
Each slide should contain audio narration.


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