Web Design1

You are planning to build a Web Site for a fictitious local organization or charity. The website should allow the visitor to subscribe to a newsletter (simulated), present past newsletters, and view images related to the organization or efforts. You need to complete the entire design phase and then implement the Web application.

Please create the Word document and answer the following questions:

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Web Design1
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  • Identify the goal of the website:
    • Who are the end users?
    • Why do you need to have a website?
    • What do users of this Web page expect to find?
  • Scope of the project:
    • What is the scope of the project?
    • What are the items that should be delivered as part of the deployment?
    • What are the out-of-scope items?
  • Implement wire frame:
    • Use any tool to create the wire frame. You can use Visio or any other tool to build the wire frame. You may also draw this out using pencil and paper, but the submission must be clean and presentable, legible and on par with a digital version. A quick freehand sketch will not suffice.
    • What is the benefit of creating the wire frame?

Once the Web design is complete, you need to start the development. Please review the following requirements:

  • The Web site includes 4 or more Web pages designed according to current usability guidelines.
    • One page must be the Home page.
    • One page must be created that allows the visitor to subscribe to the site’s newsletter.
    • One page should be created for the users to review past newsletters (these may be Lorem Ipsum).
  • Produce a cohesive site that is easy to navigate. The Web site must incorporate the use of the following:
    • Images and audio
    • At least 1 table (not for page layout)
    • At least 1 form
    • Navigation
    • Other valid HTML elements
  • The Web site must include external CSS to format and lay out each Web page.
    • Style and presentation respective of the previous assignments
    • Alignment and positioning, including floated images, tables or figures
    • Added borders, color, changed font sizes, etc. 
    • A white page with plain black text will not suffice.
  • Validate the HTML in each Web page.
  • Validate the CSS style rules.
  • The design document must include details about your design, the technologies employed, and potential challenges and explanations regarding your validation process.
  • Include a title page.
  • Add the design document to the Visual Studio Web site folder.
  • Submit the Word design document and the Web site in a zip file.


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