Assignment: In preparation for the Week Three assignment, look ahead in the course syllabus and post a draft topic and objectives for your training and development plan. 
Topic: Time Management Training- To provide skills and tools to assist with organization, productivity, and concentration towards work related goals (Rimmer, 2019). Training will reduce stress within the workplace, improve achievement of deadlines, and increase quality work (Rimmer, 2019).
Objective 1: Goal Setting- The employee will establish direction towards goals, create a foundation for organization, increase purpose to achieve desired results, and increase effective performance towards bottom line of an organization (Rimmer, 2019).
Objective 2: Prioritization-The employee will establish skills to distribute time and resources towards goals and strategize most essential tasks for highest delivery (Rimmer, 2019).
Objective 3: Work Life Balance-The employee will decrease burn out, stress, and absenteeism through learning how to analyze situations, manage expectations, and setting clear boundaries (Rimmer, 2019).  

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