Video Summary

To participate, first listen to the BBC More or Less Episode “Maternal deaths, taxi driver earnings and statistical pop music” (Links to an external site.) ( Then write a 250-300 word summary of the episode.

Your summary should be accessible to your fellow classmates in PSYC 60 and describe how each of the main stories in the episode relate to specific statistical concepts covered in this class, as well as share something you learned or found interesting.

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Video Summary
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Thoughtful and well written summaries will earn 1% in extra credit toward your final grade, and all summaries will be evaluated by Prof. Fan. There will be no extensions granted, and you are not guaranteed to receive extra credit if you submit a summary.

If you wish your summary to be considered for extra credit, you must submit it via Canvas by 2/7/20 at 5pm. Your summary can be pasted directly into Canvas, or uploaded as a “.txt” file.


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