Video Reaction Paper

Video Reaction Paper

The goal of this project is to have students think about self-esteem differently and realize the application to their own lives.

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Video Reaction Paper
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Write a 2-page reaction paper on Amy Cuddy’s Tedtalk ( (Links to an external site.))

In your reaction paper please be sure to include the following:

  • Title and speaker of the Tedtalk                                                              
  • Summary of the Tedtalk
  • Overall impression of the Tedtalk
  • Specific parts of it that you liked or found challenging, including the reason why you felt this way
  • Do you think the Tedtalk has merit – does it seem valid? Why?
  • How does what Cuddy says relate to what you have learned about self-esteem in the eText? Be specific using examples from the video and concepts/ideas from the eText.
  • How would be able to apply Cuddy’s ideas to your own life? Be specific, give examples, and fully explain them.
  • Would you recommend this Tedtalk? Why?

12-point font, Times Roman, double-spaced)


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