Validation Assignment

Action Plan
In a real start-up situation, you would initially enter the market with a prototype or minimal viable product, as part of your experiment board process or very shortly thereafter. In this class, many projects  will put together web pages or similar material, but creating a viable product or prototype may be beyond what is possible in this class, even for most apps. 
In your assignment:
The purpose of this section in your assignment is to define your MVP, and to think about what you else you need to learn and validate (after this assignment) to produce your MVP and actually get started with your business. Use the Business Model Canvas sections (version plus), to think about what you need to validate in each of the segments. Provide as many details as possible. Also consider: What would your prototype, product or service look like? At what stage would you launch it? What value would it add? How could you capture value from it? How exactly would you develop it? How much would it cost? It may be easier to present this information on a business model canvas template. List what you need to validate. You do not need to validate these sections yet, that is for the final report. Do identify what you think the top priority for your next validation step is: which segment is the riskiest for you, so should be validated first?

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Validation Assignment
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