UTA NURS3375 RAC 2 Lee et al. 2016 Latest

1. What sampling method or plan was used by the authors in this study?
Simple random sampling
Convenience sampling
Systematic sampling
Network sampling
2. According to Grove and Gray (2019), which of the following best describes the potential biases of this sampling method?
This is a strong probability sampling method with very little potential for bias.
This method is used when an ordered list of all members of the population are available, and provides a random but not equal chance for inclusion in the study.
This method provides little opportunity to control for bias because subjects are included in the study merely because they happen to be in the right place at the right time.
This method is specific to the individuals who were recruited and the information gained cannot be generalized to others who don’t share these types of experiences.
None of the above biases best describe the sampling method chosen by the author.
3. What was the final sample size reported by the authors for this study?
21 pairs of patients and caregivers
148 pairs of patients and caregivers
127 pairs of patients and caregivers
Unknown/cannot be determined
4. Was a power analysis conducted? If so, which statement best describes the results of the power analysis?
The authors mention that a power analysis was conducted using a power of 0.8, an alpha value of 0.5, and a moderate effect size.
The authors mention that an power analysis was conducted, and 127 matched pairs were determined to be needed for the study.

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UTA NURS3375 RAC 2 Lee et al. 2016 Latest
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