Using Data Presentation

Using Data Presentation
Develop an effective presentation for teachers on how data can inform their instruction. As you put this together, keep in mind what you know about adult learning and effective professional development. End with information about how you will use data to inform your coaching and your work with the faculty.
This presentation does not have to be a PowerPoint. Sometimes it seems presenters think that a PowerPoint is the only way to present informative. You are certainly welcome to create a PowerPoint, but you’re also encouraged to be creative! Whatever format you choose to create, make sure it is submitted in a format that the facilitator will be able to open/access for grading.
While this presentation does not have to be in the form of a powerpoint, I am specifying that the presentation is in the form of a powerpoint (18 – 19 slides including Title Slide and reference slide)

 Be sure to cite at least three references to the resources provided in this session in your response. 

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Using Data Presentation
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