NURSING EXPERT WANTED I need to ask you can you also make handouts for some medical tests
Like I have another project due which has 3 parts
I can manage for the first two parts
But fpr the third part I need your help if you can do
I am thinking for thyroid scan and colonoscopy
It’s just one page document so will be two pages for two tests
Kind of this but shouldfolkwo the instructions given
It doesn’t have pictures but I need with pictures
I f you can easily get the info for thyroid and colonoscopy let me know
I will provide you some of the information given in my book
One for thyroid scan 
One for colonoscopy
With references it is 3 pages
You can use the both side of the page for the hand out if Info is not fitted on one side
But one handout will be for one procedure
Two procedures will be on seperate pages
Please don’t charge too much as this is only 3 pages and not that condensed
It’s just one pager document you don’t have to search the information or I will also give you the info and you have to just put it on the document with some pictures
It’s not summary, don’t have to wrong abt word count and stuff
But make sure pics should be coloured bc I have to submit a hard copy of my doc
Just to give an idea you have to work like this
Please don’t copy it’s my friend project
Please use back and front to make the hand out don’t make it on side by side
Just to give you an idea there should be a logo of the company at one corner

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