Urgent 2


You are tasked with preparing a procurement and contract strategy and a strategic method statement for the construction of the road realignment, fuel area (pumps, tanks and canopy), retail unit and carwash and associated amenities (air compressor/vacuum).  
It is proposed that the work be carried out in several phases including demolition of existing buildings and enabling works, groundworks and fuel tanks, fuel pump bases and canopy, retail units and car wash and upgrading of the level crossing.
1.Procurement and Contract Strategy (max 2 pages)
Prepare a Procurement and Contract strategy for this project detailing the type of procurement process you would recommend for the project and the parties involved in the project.  Give reasons to justify your choice of procurement strategy and contract.  
2.Strategic Method Statement (max 6 pages)
Prepare a strategic method statement for the whole construction project.
The private client (Shell plc) has a budget of around £500,000 for the petrol station forecourt and retail unit and around £500,000 for road realignment and level crossing upgrades.  You will have to make assumptions on the resources that are required for the work (labour, plant, materials).  Assume that there are some small shed buildings that are on the existing site which need to be removed.  For the whole construction project assume an upper limit timescale of approximately 100 days.
The coursework should be submitted by Friday 24 January 2020 (End of Week 15).  Submission should be through Turnitin on Blackboard
The coursework will be marked on:
Category Criteria % of total mark
1 Clarity of decision making process for procurement and contract strategy 20
2 Justification of procurement and contract strategy 10
3 Structure of strategic method statement 20
4 Coverage of key phases in proposed construction programme 40
5 Overall presentation (including referencing and layout) of the report 10
General layout of the proposed retail/petrol station site showing location of road realignment and position of level crossing

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