UOP OPS571 Final Exam/UOP OPS571 Final Exam/UOP OPS571 Final Exam

1.Which of the following is considered a major process flow structure?
Lead Time
Lean Manufacturing
2. ISO audits result in certifications that are done by first, second, or third parties. Which of the following result in the best certification of a firm?
Certification is sought by any firm assuming they pay annual dues.
2nd Party – where a customer audits its supplier
3rd Party – where a qualified national or international standards/certifying agency serves as an auditor
1st Party – where a firm audits itself against ISO standards
3.Which of the following is ISO 14000 primarily concerned with?
Quality management
Time management
Continuous improvement management
Environmental management
4. Which is the one correct value stream principle?
Look for efficiencies in the factory, office, physical, procedural, and technical operations.
Eliminate waste that stops, slows down, or diverts the value stream.
Concentrate on speeding up value-adding operations rather than removing waste.
Keep the value stream moving at minimum velocity.

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UOP OPS571 Final Exam/UOP OPS571 Final Exam/UOP OPS571 Final Exam
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