Part 1: Research discrimination and tokenism  in the workplace. Then, write  that explains those terms and  how they may apply in the workplace. Support your response with examples  of how various forms of discrimination can impact organizations. Your should be two pages in length. 
Part 2: Read the case titled,  “Ethical Dilemma Voiding the ‘License to Discriminate’” on page 68 of  the course textbook. Then, write responses that address the questions  (2–12, 2–13, and 2–14) found below the case. Use examples to support  each of your answers. At least one of your responses to the questions  should be supported by a peer-reviewed journal article from the CSU  Online Library. Use an article that has been published within the past  five years that focuses on tokenism and/or discrimination. Your  responses to Part 2 should be a total of two pages in length. 
Submit the two parts into the same  document for submission. The total length   should be four  pages, not counting the title page and reference page. Headings should  be used to clearly identify each question or topic area. Use APA format  for this assignment. 

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