Unit 9 Assignment 300 words paper

 Provide me turnitin.com report.
GEL 6.06: Apply research to create original insights and/or solve real-world problems.
All disciplines require that practitioners know how to undertake research to fulfill their job responsibilities and keep current in their field. This Assignment requires you to do some research on how to handle a malware infection.
Assignment Instructions
In a 300–500 word paper, explain the steps you would take if one of your organization’s main servers was infected by malware. Use outside research to support your solution to this real-world problem. Your paper must demonstrate an assessment of the problem, your decision-making process, and a justification for your conclusion in relation to your research. You must provide at least three appropriate resources for your paper. Be sure to cite the resources you use in proper APA style formatting

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Unit 9 Assignment 300 words paper
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