UMUC NUTR100 Final exam /UMUC NUTR100 Final exam /UMUC NUTR100 Final exam

Question 1
Match the vitamin to its characteristic.
Question 1 options:
Vitamin B12
Vitamin D
Vitamin C
Vitamin B6
Vitamin E
Vitamin A
1. excessive intake can lead to a burning or flushed feeling
2. high intake in pregnancy can result in birth defects; deficiency can result in night-blindness
3. this nonessential nutrient can be synthesized in the liver in response to sun exposure
4. deficiency leads to beriberi; this is a water-soluble vitamin
5. a known antioxidant; deficiency leads to scurvy
6. a precursor for coenzymes and commonly found in milk (it degrades in ultraviolet light, which is why opaque containers are used for milk)
7. plays a major role in protein metabolism, helps maintain nervous system function
8. vegetarians and vegans may have difficulty getting this nutrient in their diet since it is found primarily in animal sources
9. a known antioxidant; also known as tocopherols

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UMUC NUTR100 Final exam /UMUC NUTR100 Final exam /UMUC NUTR100 Final exam
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