UMUC HRMD630 Final Exam Latest /UMUC HRMD630 Final Exam Latest

1. The correlation coefficient between a selection test and job performance is 0. This means the selection test ________.
A) perfectly predicts job performance
B) and job performance are unrelated
C) has adverse impact on job performance
D) is positively related to job performance
2. Atlas Industries uses a test that was designed for selecting Engineers in their facility. They have gone further to show that the test will also be valid for selecting their support staff in the engineering department. This is an example of:
A) correlation
B) statistical significance
C) reliability
D) validity generalization
3. How dependably or consistently a measure assesses a particular characteristic is the measure’s ________.
A) reliability
B) validity
C) standardized score
D) percentile

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UMUC HRMD630 Final Exam Latest /UMUC HRMD630 Final Exam Latest
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