Twelve Angry Men reflection paper

Twelve Angry Men movie is an incredible study in leadership and the dynamics that are involved in interacting with people in an intense, structured situation. We see many forms of leadership illustrated throughout this movie.
The shifts in focus, as well as the direct and indirect effects of all things from what is said, how it is said, body language, and vocal inflections are all interesting factors that must be considered when examining this movie.  
Once you have watched this movie/play, write a reflection paper that addresses the following questions: 

Who are the leaders in this story?
What are some of the points that you identified when there was a shift in leadership, and how did that happen?
What stood out to you about the foreman (number one juror)? Was he a good leader? Why or why not? What did he do or not do that brings you to your conclusion?
Who was the most aggressive character?  Why do you think he was so adamant about finding the defendant guilty
Are the leaders easily identified?
What type of leadership do they display?
Do you see these kinds of leaders in other situations and environments? Give an example.

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Twelve Angry Men reflection paper
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