Answer all of the following questions. Each question is worth 5 points. Each answer should be somewhere between 2 and 6 sentences. 1. State one of the objections Turing discusses in his paper to his conclusion that the ‘imitation game’ is a good test of whether a computer is truly intelligent and one objection to his conclusion that we will eventually invent machines that will pass the test. (He discusses many objections in his essay online. You just need to explain two of his objections in your own words.)2. Pick one of the five faces of oppression from Young’s essay on oppression and give an example from a movie of a character experiencing that form of oppression.3. Briefly state what Taylor means when he tries to argue that we are all like Sisyphus in the myth of Sisyphus? Give one example from a movie where a character contemplates whether his or her life is meaningless.4. What does Sartre mean when he says that “being precedes essence?” Identify a character from a movie who is caught in an existential question about what his or her essence should be.5. Explain how Nagel explains that death is a bad thing. despite the fact that death is not a bad state that you are ever in (because to be dead is to not exist in any state at all.)6. In his video on death, Kagan argues that if we were immortal or if we were capable of living for a very long (but finite) amount of time, life would not be as meaningful, i.e. it is the fact that life is too short that makes life meaningful. Explain his argument. Video on youtube called “23. How to live given the certainty of death”7. Give one example of a film (not one that I assigned) that has a philosophical message and state that message.

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