Treatment Plan


Treatment Plan: 100 points.  Using the case study provided by the instructor, students will develop a treatment plans for one of the following theories (theory selected must be different than those used in the theory paper):

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Treatment Plan
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Psychoanalysis                        Cognitive Theory

Jungian Analysis                     Rational Emotive Therapy

Existential Therapy                 Adlerian Therapy

Gestalt Therapy                       Reality Therapy

Person-Centered Therapy       Family Therapy

Behavior Therapy                  

Each treatment plan should demonstrate how each theory is applied in a counseling setting.  Please use the outline attached to this syllabus (Appendix A). 

Papers should be written in APA format and be 4-5 pages in length.

Case Study

Mark is a 34-year old male who has been married to his wife Megan for two years. Two weeks ago, Mark picked up Megan from her job as a nurse practitioner. Unbeknownst to Megan, Mark had been drinking at the local bar with his friends just prior to arriving at her job. As they were driving home, Mark ran a red light and was t-boned by large truck. Both Megan and Mark were transported to the local hospital. Mark suffered minor abrasions and was discharged. Megan’s injuries were severe and required multiple surgeries. After two days in the hospital, Megan passed away. When the doctors notified Mark of Megan’s death, they also shared with him that Megan was three months pregnant at the time of the accident. Mark left the hospital and returned home. For the next two weeks, he refused to take visitors, did not answer his phone, and quit his job. His mother, concerned for his welfare, called the police to do a ‘welfare check.’ When the police officer arrived, Mark’s home was a wreck, he had not bathed in days, and was not eating. The officer noticed a handgun on the living room table, along with multiple bottles of medication and razor blades. Concerned for Mark’s welfare, the police officer placed Mark on a 48-hold at the local psychiatric hospital. You are a counselor at the hospital and Mark is brought to you for counseling. Using the theory, you selected, develop a treatment plan based on Mark’s case.


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