To create a diagram (using digital tools) of a classroom .

You are a first-year teacher who believes strongly in the value of multicultural education. You want to be sure that your philosophy is reflected in the physical space of your classroom. You speak to your reading specialist, who encourages you to watch the video Multicultural Lessons: Embracing Similarities and Differences in Preschool Education. After viewing, you reflect on how teacher Erica Layte weaves the theme of multiculturalism into the fabric of everyday classroom life. You pull out your laptop and start designing a way to make your beliefs apparent to everyone who enters your classroom. You begin with the classroom library. Next, you think about the creative arts and how to set up materials that reflect a range of cultures. You then turn your thoughts to language—all six that the children in your class speak at home. How will you incorporate a range of languages into the classroom in a meaningful way?

Focus Assignment
1. Using basic art tools, create a diagram of your classroom, or a classroom you are familiar with, to serve as a blueprint. Then, list the specific titles of four to five books you would include in the classroom library, demonstrating how the library can reflect a multicultural philosophy. Next, sketch out a creative area (e.g., for art or music projects), and include four to five materials that you would make readily available to children. Last, incorporate four to five ideas into your sketch of how you will represent the six home languages spoken in your classroom (e.g., through printed signs, maps).

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To create a diagram (using digital tools) of a classroom .
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1. For each item in your diagram:
     a. Explain how this item addresses the issues in the scenario.

2. Describe and justify how your diagram would improve teaching and learning in the scenario.


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